Friday, March 25, 2005

And ... Duke blows it

Duke's going to carry me. Right. See if I ever pick Redneck Harvard to win another NCAA tournament.
Figures. I de-value the Big Ten, consider them a sub-par basketball conference (outside of Illinois), and what happens. Michigan State drops my national champion.

My brackets now have the following uses:

1. Fish wrapping.
2. Bird-cage lining.
3. Puppy housebreaking.
4. Paper airplane.
5. Wastebasket basketball.
6. Taking phone messages on the blank reverses.
7. Displaying for the sake of self-denigrating humor.

But, you know what? I'll still come out ahead of the game. I've taken last year's winnings and invested them in some primo beach-front property in Arizona. I've never seen it, but this guy that sold it to me, Guido something or other, tells me it has a beautiful view of the ocean. So ha, ha this year's champion! Hope you have a great time spending your winnings on chicken wings and seat covers for your car!

And, Duke, I'm sorry about the Redneck Harvard comment. That was uncalled for. You are very obviously a Redneck Stanford. My apologies.

1 comment:

Zach said...

I have a new question: What kind of a fool would win a pool with games like this?
I laughed a my mom for taking NC State to the final four ... she may have better understood the nature of this tournament than I.
I think North Carolina is the only team I have left. Period.