Friday, November 17, 2006

Schembechler collapses

As much as we all have a burning dislike of the University of Michigan, and as much as Bo Schembechler is right up there with Art Modell and Carlos Boozer among Ohio's Benedict Arnolds, you never want to hear this.

The Associated Press is reporting that Schembechler, 77, is back in the hospital after collapsing at the WXYZ TV studio in Southfield, Mich. this morning. He collapsed at the same studio in October.

He had been meeting with the media all week to discuss tomorrow's epic showdown between Ohio State and Michigan.

Schembechler, who has had a pair of quadruple bypass operations, had a pacemaker installed last month to regulate his heartbeat.

Hopefully Schembechler is out of the hospital in time to watch tomorrow's game. This isn't a good way to kick off the biggest weekend of the college football season.

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Andy said...

Bo just died.