Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Cavs sweep Spurs

This is why we get frustrated when the Cavaliers lay eggs against teams like Atlanta and New York. We know what they are capable of when they put their minds to it.

Tuesday, the Cavs opened the 2007 portion of their schedule by finishing off an unlikely season sweep of the Spurs. Former Spurs assistant Mike Brown used his old team's tactics against them: Stifling second-half defense and enough offensive game to get by.

Tuesday's final score, 82-78, was similar to November's 88-81 final. Both games exhibited the best of what the Cavs can be, going toe-to-toe with a perennial championship contender, beating them at their own game.

In The Plain Dealer Tuesday, Brown said he had hoped November's win in San Antonio would be a springboard for the rest of the season. It didn't quite work out that way.

Now, the Cavs have afforded themselves another springboard chance. But this one is even more important. The Cavs face 10 of their next 14 on the road, including a challenging West Coast jaunt later this month.

It would be nice if the Cavs could seize the day and re-assert themselves as an elite team. It's the type of team we all know they can be, if two wins against the three-time world champion Spurs is any indication.


Joel said...

I love the way the Sprus play, and I love the way the Suns play. That's why I love the NBA.

But to see the Spurs complain about calls to the point where the coach is tossed is comical to me. They are the most physical team in the league, and Duncan gets lots of calls. So for them to whine is just funny.

Ben said...

Duncan got away with some calls that game. And Pop just wanted to get thrown out to wake his team up. I don't think he really that pissed at the refs