Saturday, June 28, 2008

Clarification on Koufos

In the column below, I stated that many Cavs fans in the "anti-Euro-stiff" camp would have been displeased if the Cavs had drafted Kosta Koufos.

Koufos, as was pointed out to me via e-mail, is a native of Canton and very much American. I knew this. Koufos, in reality, is neither European nor a stiff. But many Cavs fans were against the drafting of a player with Koufos' skill set -- which does lend itself to European-style basketball.

The term "Euro-stiff" was meant to convey the fans' reaction to Koufos' game, no matter if he is from the U.S., his heritage country of Greece (where he holds a dual citizenship and plays for the national team) or any other nation.

I should have been clearer on that in the column. Koufos is American. Koufos' game, at least as it's largely perceived, is European.

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Matthew Kimel said...

There have been many great players from "Euro" to join the league lately.