Tuesday, August 16, 2005

My LeBron day

I can't explain why, but LeBron James was extremely prevalent in my day Monday, a day in the middle of August when virtually no one is thinking about basketball.
I come to work, and realize I had to return to someone a copy of LeBron James' biography that's been sitting in my car for a couple of months. So, while carrying that around, I go to Medina Municipal Court for my daily check on felonies. Leaving the counter, one of the clerks calls for a man with a last name of "LeBron" to come to the window. The man's last name was also listed on the daily docket I check.
On my way to returning the book, Medina's finance director tells me Dru Joyce, LeBron's former coach at Akron St. Vincent-St. Mary High School, and the current coach at the University of Akron, will be speaking to his Kiwanis Club meeting on Thursday. I'll be going. Stay tuned for a blog post.

So, is this all coincidence? Or a series of cryptic messages telling me I need to become part of LeBron's posse? You decide.

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Abrasivist said...

After the three games with Tampa Bay I can see why the subject would turn to basketball.