Thursday, December 28, 2006

Fratello fired by Grizzlies

After leading the Memphis Grizzlies to a 6-24 record through 30 games, Mike Fratello has become the first coaching casualty of the NBA season.

Where one door closes, however, another might open. At least in the minds of Cleveland fans.

Fratello is still fondly remembered in Cleveland, and still maintains ties to the area. Cavaliers GM Danny Ferry played for Fratello for six seasons.

If Mike Brown can't steady the Cavs' ship, expect the "Fratello to the Cavs" rumor machine to get warmed up in a hurry, for better or worse.


POJO_Risin said...

It's funny, but I saw this and thought, "well, that will be his last job." I never even pondered Fratello coming to the Cavs.

Of course, it's a possibility with Ferry at the helm.

Personally, they owe it to Brown to let him get at least to the break to institute all of the changes, and give them time to take. Hopefully, Fratello isn't the direction they go, but you never know. I'm sure Izzo's name will come up again. I don't know...I haven't really sat down and looked at the potential coaches out there.

I do keep looking at the Lakers though, with Phil Jackson at the helm. Their roster is WORSE than the Cavs, but their team is, right now, IMO, better. WHY? Phil Jackson. I'm not saying they need a Phil Jackson, but they DO need someone who isn't EXPERIMENTING!

Ben said...

I don't see why Ferry would do it or why there would even be any rumors.

Fratello is a nice coach and if the Cavs stunk on defense but could score at will, I think you might see some rumors swirl. But defense isn't their problem.

Offense is.

If the season goes South at all, I wouldn't be surprised to see some Rick Adleman rumors.