Monday, April 18, 2005

Uncle! Uncle!

Okay! I get it! Fates that be, put me and my hopeful, optimistic rear end in its place!
The Cavaliers aren't going to the playoffs. They are now at a tiebreaker-loss with a Nets team that features playoff veterans Jason Kidd and Vince Carter.
So euthanize this season already. Don't let me hang onto false hope any longer. Just have the Cavs lose to Boston and get it over with. New Jersey, she's all yours. After some consternation, I will go gently into that good night and take my sorry basketball team with me.
I apologize to have bothered the National Basketball Association with the outlandish, excessive expectation that a team that features LeBron James, a team that was once 31-21, would make the playoffs.
Some teams just have to know their place I guess. The Cavs tried to hang with the Pacers and Pistons. Now, we are cast down into the company of the Clippers. Guess we in Cleveland got a little too uppity when we made the declaration that the Cavs were playoff-ready.
OK. We're back in our Cavalier place, wallowing and miserable. All is right with the universe again.
Cavs in the playoffs. Whew, that was a close one. Who knows what type of Pandora's box would have been opened by Gund Arena hosting games in May?

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Joel Hammond said...

It's with the same disgust as you hold for the team and the shape it is in that I read the last few posts.

I was at the Knicks game Thursday, and when the Knicks used Maurice Taylor -- MO FREAKING TAYLOR -- to kill the Cavs, it is at that point, although I had realized it earlier, that I knew this season was over.

The funny part of it was that I think in my heart of hearts that, while he probably deserved to be fired, Silas would have made adjustments in that game.

That's what is hilarious: The organization doesn't know who it needs or what it needs besides LeBron James. And it may have done just enough to get rid of him this year, as well.

Papa Cass, blog on brother. Add me to your list of regular readers. If I ever start one of these bitches, I'll let you know.