Tuesday, January 17, 2006


After a long, long time (too long if you ask me), "Bubbie" is back.
Today, the Indians dealt left handed pitcher Brian Tallet to the Blue Jays for right-hander Edward "Bubbie" Buzachero.
Move over, Bubby Brister. There's a new Bubbie in town. With a cooler last name that makes him sound like a mafia goon, or a professional boxer from about 1940.
And this Bubbie will be playing for the good guys (or at least at the Class AA affiliate thereof). Although I do long for the days of Bubby under center for the Steelers. Those Pittsburgh teams were quite beatable back when the Browns were winning the AFC Central every year.
Since the Indians are in the habit of signing old acquaintances this winter, I wonder what Dave Burba is up to. Also former Tiger and Yankee Bubba Trammell.
Think about it. Bubbie, Bubba and Burba. Beautifully bashing down and boring through the opposition, beating and besting the whole bunch, brandishing bats and balls to buoy us up on summer nights.
If only Boone, Blake and Broussard would do the same.

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Bloggin' Bull said...

Mr. Cassano,

I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog every single day. Very informative, and thought provoking. When I was in Jamestown (Marlins affiliate) a few years ago, Bubbie Buzzachero was the closer for a rival team (Auburn). So I've called several games on radio that Bubbie appeared in. If I remember correctly, he had a head of hair that rivaled Mel Kiper Jr.'s and Robert Goulet's. Unreal. To answer your poll about Danny Ferry making a move to bridge the gap until Hughes comes back, I say yes. Trade a young unproven commodity for someone who can help. Because if they miss the playoffs this year, LJ could be gone, and if he's gone, kiss the Cavaliers goodbye. Keep up the good work.