Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Cavaliers 96, Pacers 66

Now that's what I'm talking about. A much-needed cruise for a team that has had to fight just to stay in games for the past two weeks.
And some more good news: Larry Hughes started hitting the practice floor a bit during the Western Conference swing, taking shots with his left hand. He's still probably three weeks to a month away from playing, but it is an encouraging sign.
The Pacers, meanwhile, had a really bad day. Hours after after news hit that Ron Artest had been traded for long-coveted Peja Stojakovic, the deal fell through. The Pacers then walked out on the floor and proceeded to score 15 points fewer than Kobe Bryant scored by himself Sunday night.
It was Indiana's fourth straight loss, and suddenly, without Artest or someone to replace him, the Pacers are no longer an Eastern Conference juggernaut. They're just another team.
(Of course, when the Pistons are on pace for more than 70 wins, "juggernaut" is a relative term.)

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