Friday, January 20, 2006

Montville Township series

For anyone interested in reading some of my non-sports work at my day job, I have a five-part series examining growth in Medina County's Montville Township beginning on Tuesday and running through next Saturday.
I'm a little nervous about the outcome. It is by far the biggest project I've undertaken as a writer. I've been working on it since May, doing interviews when time permitted. I wrote the stories in November, and it was after the first of the year before all the copy, photos and graphics were amassed and edited.

You can read my stories at the Web site for the Medina County Gazette. That is, if it's fully updated and in working order. I've heard more bad things than good about our site.

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Matt said...


So far so good, I think you have done a great job on this series so far. I look forward to reading the upcoming articles. I would also like to see a story on how other Townships in Medina are preparing for the growth or how they havent prepared for the growth and are "behind the times". Also while reading your other sports related stories, I think it maybe time for you to move on and write for a larger paper besides the Medina Gazette. Keep up the good work!!