Monday, April 10, 2006

2 out of 3 ain't bad

In the most recent baseball power rankings, we find out that:

A)'s John Donovan thinks that the Indians rock, unabashedly placing them in first place.

B) also places the Tribe in first place, but makes it sound like it was the result of throwing condiments against a wall.

C) Dayn Perry of still thinks the Indians suck.
Now that he has predicted the Tribe to finish third behind the White Sox and Tigers, we can look forward to a summer of sparse compliments, heavy criticism, and negative spin from Perry. The Indians won't crack the top three in Perry's rankings, no matter how well they play, because that would be admitting he was wrong. And the first time they lose three in a row, Perry will probably drop them to 20th.
Do I sound bitter? Good. Because I want this to get under the Indians' skin. I want them to be urinating on Dayn Perry-shaped urinal cakes by the all-star break. I want this team to stay as motivated as they are now. Keep it coming, Dayn. Jackass.

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