Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Free Pressing

If you live in the Toledo area, you can pick up a copy of the Toledo Free Press to witness my triumphant return to Northwest Ohio print journalism for the first time since the spring of 2003.
Not only did Matt Sussman give me run on his blog, he gave me a mention in his column in the sports section of the Free Press.
I am really hoping some of Sussman's national-media-attention-grabbing mojo rubs off on me, and the city of Cleveland. I feel like a thinner version of Sally Struthers, drawing attention to the plight of a famine-plagued and oppressed people. Except Clevelanders eat more pizza and swear more than Ethiopians.


Sussman said...

Nothing national in a while. I think that appearance on Cold Pizza turned me off from everyone.

Isn't that always the case?

Anonymous said...

Did he really need to use you as a source to tell us the Browns lost to the Steelers in the 2003 playoffs? I'm pretty sure we all remember that.

Just wondering.

erik said...

The point of his column wasn't the Browns' loss, which everyone remembers. It was the length of the playoff drought.
And it was the 2002 playoffs.

And next time, why don't you use your name? Don't hide, I don't bite unless thoroughly provoked.