Wednesday, September 13, 2006

J.J.'s ribs are intact

Enough bizarre twists have gone bad for the Browns this year. It's about time a bizarre twist went their way.
ESPN is reporting that Joe Jurevicius does not, in fact, have broken ribs. He is still out for Sunday's game at Cincinnati, but it appears that four-to-six week timeline for his return can be truncated a bit.
My question is, how on Earth did it take doctors four days to find out that he didn't have broken ribs? Before you say it, I know the first answer you're going to give: It took doctors two weeks to find out Travis Hafner broke a bone in his hand.
But that's a hairline fracture they discovered in Hafner's hand. This was anywhere between two and four broken ribs Jurevicius was supposed to have.
I'm happy, but do we honestly need this kind of stress? It's like someone telling you your best friend was struck by lightning, only to find out that he actually just shocked his finger on a doorknob.
Oops. Sorry for the misinformation.
If it wasn't the Browns, I'd give the doctors a free pass. But this is the Browns, where I'm convinced a team official couldn't shake pepper on his scrambled eggs without something going horribly wrong.
Even when the diagnosis is bad, it still isn't right. Just another day for the brown and orange.

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