Thursday, September 14, 2006

Winslow's fearless prediction

Kellen Winslow Jr. has never shied from the microphone.* He says what's on his mind no matter what anyone else thinks.
That's why I'm so proud of Kellen sticking his neck and raising the bar for his team with a fearless prediction, dictated to The Plain Dealer:
"We will win [this season]. I guarantee that."
I'm glad he's guaranteeing a win this season. Because after Sunday's loss to the Saints, I was beginning to think 0-16 wasn't out of the question.
Which game should we be eyeing for that breakout win, Kellen? The Raiders game in two weeks? The Houston game at the end of the season? There aren't a lot of candidates.
We're all still waiting for that game when Winslow and his teammates outplay, outcoach and outmaneuver an opponent in decisive fashion, proving that there is a requisite amount of gray matter to back up all that muscle and hot air teamwide.
I'm guessing that's not going to happen against Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Baltimore or Carolina.
Baby steps, Kellen. I know you desperately want to throw down the gauntlet and guarantee a win against a specific team. Try Oakland for starters. That's picking on someone your own size. If the Raiders beat you, maybe aim for the Jets. They're pretty bad.
If you beat the Jets, you earn the right to guarantee a win against, say, Kansas City. If you make good on beating the Chiefs, you are probably a playoff team at that point.
Just remember, Kellen. When you are good, it's being brash. When you are bad, it's being stupid. And I know you are past the stupid phase. Right, Kellen?

*Unless Channel 19 is camping out in the hospital lobby. Then he clams right up. (Can you blame him?)

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