Thursday, October 05, 2006

Bang for the buck

What baseball team gets the most bang for their payroll buck? With 78 wins this year, you wouldn't think the Indians would be near the top of the list.

You'd be wrong.

According to a list compiled by's Dayn Perry, the Indians are one of the most dollar-efficient teams in baseball. With a 2006 ending payroll of $56,795,867 and 78 wins, each win cost the Indians an average of $728,152 this year, good enough for seventh place among baseball's 30 teams.

The most efficient team was the Marlins, with a Major League low $14,344,500 payroll and 78 wins for an average of $192,288 paid out per win.

Other teams more efficient than the Indians were the Rockies ($541,223 per win), Devil Rays ($580,622), Pirates ($600,519), Twins ($664,688) and Athletics ($670,129) .

Of course, it can be argued that the Twins and A's got the most bang for their buck in the end since they are the two most efficient teams that made the playoffs.

The least efficient team, no surprise, is the Yankees. With a $198,662,180 payroll and 97 wins, the Yanks averaged a whopping $2,048,063 paid out for each win.

To put it in perspective, to be more efficient than the Indians were with 78 wins, the Yankees would have needed 273 wins this year, which would have given them an average of $727,700 per win.

As we all know, 273 wins would only be possible if Major League Baseball converted to the metric system.

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