Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Swingin' in Baltimore

Roch Kubatko is a Baltimore Sun writer who maintains a daily sports blog for From my limited exposure to it, it appears he spends most of the time live blogging Orioles games and chronicling just how painful it is to follow the Orioles at the moment.

But a few weeks ago, he took some time away from baseball to weigh in on the Cavaliers' dismissal of Michael Reghi. Reghi, as many of you know, was also the Orioles' TV voice for quite a few years.

Kubatko echoed the sentiments of most of us: Reghi was jobbed, and it was a low blow on the part of Cavs management to can him so late in the off-season after all the good NBA announcer gigs were taken.

Kubatko also took the pulse of the Cleveland media. He quoted columns by The Plain Dealer's Bill Livingston, The Akron Beacon Journal's Terry Pluto, the Lake County News Herald's Bob Finnan, the Medina Gazette's Rick Noland, and Erik Cassano's Weblog.

Whaaaa?? Erik Cassano's Weblog? Mentioned in the same analytical breath as Livingston, Pluto and two Cavs beat reporters?

Kubatko knows I don't get paid to do this, right?

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Sussman said...

I was gonna say "they were likely desperate for space" but this was a blog, so that ain't it.

Ah, what the heck. That's pretty sweet.