Monday, October 09, 2006

Catching up with Trajan

Saturday's exhibition matchup between the Clippers and Russian club CSKA Moscow gave us the answers to two burning questions:

Is former Cavaliers first-round bust Trajan Langdon still in professional basketball?

Has America's grip on the sport slipped to the point that a Russian club can stomp an NBA playoff team?

Yes and yes.

The Clippers were gracious guests in the Russian capital, playing the willing role of punching bag as Langdon and Euroleague champions CSKA Moscow rolled 94-75.

I think it's painfully obvious: the Clippers did indeed come within a win of the Western Conference finals last spring, but they are still the Clippers, and should not be representing American basketball interests overseas.

Langdon scored 17 points, which is roughly his aggregate point total during three seasons with Cleveland.

The Clips' reaction to getting schooled by a team from a hockey state that Ronald Reagan once referred to as "the evil empire"?

Ooooh, just wait 'til next time. We're going to show those Russkies.

"I'd love to come back and play these guys when we're definitely in shape -- to show them what we can do," Corey Maggette said.

Yep, that's right. Maggette is making excuses. For losing to a team from Russia. Next time, once his team lays off the Pizza Hut and hits the treadmill (which their zillion-dollar paychecks and free summers allow them zero time to do), they'll beat CSKA Moscow. For sure.

I'd love to see him make the same excuse when the Clippers lose to the Bobcats.

"It was the Grey Goose and the hookers from last night. I swear! If we weren't hungover and sexually exhausted, we beat Charlotte easy."

Langdon, who is apparently carving a nice living out for himself after being discarded by the NBA, was unavailable for comment.

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