Sunday, May 29, 2005

Broom time

The Indians are slowly rising from the ashes. With today's 6-2 win over the Athletics, the Indians completed their first three-game series sweep of the season.
The Tribe is now 24-25, and 7-2 in their last nine. Looking up at the White Sox, who entered play today nine and a half games in front of the Indians, is still ominous, but the Indians stay five games behind Minnesota in the wild card.
The wild card is in the cards for the Indians, I'm telling you. I stand by my early-season prediction.

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Zach said...

I'm glad one of our predictions is still good. If you recall, I took the Indians all the way, in the hope that optimism (and not the usual negativity I have) was the way to go.
I think this road trip will make or break the Tribe. And I think Chicago is fading. They just lost three in a row and the hitting woes are starting to catch up with them.
Here we go.