Friday, February 10, 2006

Getting the finger

Some discouraging news from the Cavaliers on Thursday:
Larry Hughes' infamously-broken finger on his shooting hand hasn't progressed as hoped following his Jan. 6 surgery. He saw a hand specialist in Washington, D.C. Thursday, and the team is reportedly exploring other options to treat the fractured digit.
That means the original 6-to-8 week prognosis for Hughes' recovery time was a bit optimistic. No new timetable has been set. Hopefully, we're not looking at a season-ending situation.

Monday update
Two losses in two games since the news of Hughes' setback became public. I think LeBron and Co. have taken a psychological hit learning that they will be expected to hold down the fort without Hughes for a longer (and as yet undetermined) amount of time.
If Hughes needs additional surgery, I hope he gets it done this week so he has a fighting chance to make it back before the end of the regular season.

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