Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Who knew?

The Cavaliers are messing with us. They don't seem to want the fans to get too high, but just when we are about to really get down on this team, the Cavs come through with an impressive win like last night's 101-87 victory over the NBA champion Spurs.
What was really impressive was the fact that the Cavs took over this game midway through the second quarter and never really let go.
Sure, the Spurs made their runs like they are supposed to do, but the Cavs outplayed them at both ends of the court for the entire second half, leading by as many as 18.
The cynic (read: average Clevelander) would probably take the luster off the win by saying the Spurs were at the end of a seven-game road trip. They won the first six, and were probably due for a loss.
That might be, but considering the Cavs allowed themselves to be outplayed an outhustled by an inferior Golden State Warriors team playing three times zones away from home on Saturday night, even a tired Spurs team had a chance to come into The Q and beat the Cavs.
Maybe the losses against Washington and Golden State had more to do with the Cavs playing to the level of their competition than the loss of Hughes. If the Cavs can beat Detroit, Phoenix and San Antonio at home, losses to Atlanta, New York and Golden State are probably due to a lack of focus more than anything.
That's another hurdle the Cavs will have to clear on the way to contention. The competitive juices will flow like water when the Spurs are in town. But you can't sleepwalk against a lesser team just because the game is harder to get up for. You need to take care of the Hawks and Knicks, too.

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