Sunday, May 28, 2006

Bonds passes Ruth

Now, there's only Hank Aaron. Barry Bonds, steroid controversy and all, arrived at No. 2 on the all-time home run list by hitting homer 715 off Byun-Hyung Kim of the Rockies Sunday.
Bonds needs another 41 homers to pass Aaron at 755. Like Aaron, if he gets that far, it might be as a DH for an American League team.
Aaron topped off his career with two seasons playing for the Brewers back when they were an AL team. Bonds is a free agent after this year. It's entirely possible that a big-market team with a short right-field fence (the Yankees and Red Sox come to mind) could lure Bonds to DH duty as he tries to leg out the all-time home run record.
After today's game, 41-year-old Bonds reportedly said that "age ain't slowing me down." And you know what? I say go for the record. You've come this far. Yeah, I know he likely 'roided his way to greatness. Let baseball sort that out. Remember, if Bonds shot himself full of HGH, it was baseball who turned a blind eye as he did it.
If it all comes to fruition, Bonds gets the record and Bud Selig gets to figure out a way to spin it so that his leadership regime looks good (which he can't). It's almost too good to be true.

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