Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Pistons 97, Cavaliers 91

Some signs of life, finally.
Just when it looked like the Pistons were going to saddle up the Cavs and ride them right back to the hotel Tuesday night, the Cavs began to figure some things out.
Or maybe Detroit just got a bit sloppy.
Regardless, the Cavs ate up a double-digit second half deficit and closed to within five points before losing Game 2, 97-91.
being down 0-2 is never pretty, but going from a 27-point basting in Game 1 to a six-point nudge in Game 2 is somewhat uplifting. It at least gives me some hope that the Cavs are going to be able to make a series of it when the games come to Cleveland this weekend.
LeBron James, who has a tendency to have Jekyll-and-Hyde halves, saved the Dr. Jekyll half for the first half, and came out as a monster in the second half, scoring 23 of his 30 points, many on a barrage of perimeter jumpers.
It is entirely possible that the Pistons just had an "oh yeah, we still need to play" moment at the end of Game 2, and will come out to conquer in Game 3. But Game 2 showed that the Cavs aren't content to simply roll over and die, no matter how badly the series is tilted in favor of their opponent.
At this juncture, that might be about all you can ask.

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