Monday, May 15, 2006

Cavaliers 74, Pistons 72

Allow me to offer a brief transcript of my comments following tonight's series-leveling win by the Cavs:
"We're coming BACK, Sheed! We're coming BACK, bitch! Yeah, you limp back to that locker room, because we're coming back for game SIX!"
In more demure terms, the Cavs have refuted Rasheed Wallace's claim that Game 4 would be the last home game for the Cavs this season. Tonight's win ensures that there will be a Game 6 at The Q. Game 5 is Wednesday night at the Palace of Auburn Hills.
Man, I missed playoff basketball. Not just first-round dog meat playoffs like the Cavs of the mid-90s, either. These are meaningful playoff games for a meaningful team that appears to be building toward a special era of Cleveland basketball.
The odds are still stacked against Cleveland winning this series. That would only change with a Game 5 win. To win this series, the Cavs still need to win a game on the road, be it Game 5 or 7. Game 6 is a must-win regardless of Game 5's outcome.
But this is still fun. For the first time in a long time, the Cavs are the talk of Cleveland. And LeBron James is our full-time king as long as the season stays alive.

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