Monday, June 12, 2006

Days of Davis

Why do I get the feeling Jason Davis is going to be a Brandon Phillips redux?
Like Phillips, he has been nursed through the minors and early years of his big-league career by a very forgiving Indians organization. They put up with his highs and lows, they put up with his inability to keep his emotions in check, they suffered through performances like his near-giveaway against the White Sox Sunday night.
Why? In both cases, the player had eye-catching talent. No one has ever doubted that Phillips is an exceptional athlete, but he could never put it all together in Cleveland, largely because of his own immaturity. Now, he's a new man, tearing up the National League for the Reds after the Indians dumped him for beads and trinkets.
Davis has a live arm and and upper-90s fastball. There is no question he could be a dominant pitcher. But, like Phillips, he's having trouble harnessing his talent because of what's going on between his ears.
My question is, at what point will the Indians' patience with Davis finally snap? He's been nothing but inconsistent in parts of five seasons with the team. At what point will they throw up their hands and pawn him off for a B-level prospect and player to be named?
At what point will Davis get a new lease on life, and become a Cy Young Award contender in another team's uniform?
I fear that day is coming.

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