Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Windhorst responds

After posting on the situation involving Larry Hughes and his alleged dissatisfaction with his role on the Cavaliers, I decided to try and get the opinion of someone in the know.
Tuesday, I e-mailed Brian Windhorst, the outstanding Cavs beat writer for the Akron Beacon Journal, and here's what he said to me:

"This is rumor season, I take cover. Larry was not thrilled with his role in the offense, that is true. The Cavs weren't thrilled he missed 45 games due to injury."

In other words, Sam Smith's nugget in the Chicago Tribune is probably a half-truth. Yes, Hughes and the Cavs are not seeing eye-to-eye at the moment, but stitching Hughes' name across the back of another team's jersey might be a bit premature.
We'll see what the summer brings.

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Ben said...

Kinda what we kinda expected, neither party is particularly thrilled, but him wanting out is a bit overblown.

I'm happy that Hughes isn't happy, to a certain extent (if that makes sense). Hughes had a subpar postseason (missed games or not)and should want to play better.

We all know the Cavs needed to change their offense up anyway, I doubt they make a move after one season (which was injury filled).