Friday, June 09, 2006

Sauerbeck gone

You didn't need binoculars to see this one coming. The Indians have parted ways with embattled lefty Scott Sauerbeck. He was designated for assignment today. Left Rafael Perez was recalled from Buffalo to replace him on the 25-man roster.
The lousy performances on the mound, combined with an embarrassing off-the-field incident that involved hiding in a stranger's bushes with a drunk woman other than his wife, were more than enough to warrant his departure.
To the Indians, I say: it's a start.
Mark Shapiro has a lot of knots to untie from what is quickly proving to be a flaming wreck of an offseason. Two other products of Shapiro's (and ownership's) wayward offseason -- Guillermo Mota and Jason Johnson -- will be much harder to pry from the roster because of their salaries. Luckily, the Indians are committed to neither past this season.
Unfortunately for the fans, we are going to have to limp through the remainder of this season with the team. When you are a team on a shoestring, even when you do things mostly right, all it takes is one or two bad moves to derail a whole season. The Indians are finding that out.
It's a roll of the dice every year. Last year, Shapiro rolled the dice on Kevin Millwood, Bob Howry and Sauerbeck and came out looking like a genius. This year, he rolled the dice on Mota, Johnson and Sauerbeck, and came away with a face full of egg.
It's the facts of life for a small-market GM. What I wonder is how long a talented GM like Shapiro is going to put up with it. He's free to go in two years.

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