Thursday, July 06, 2006

One day later

Now you know why I didn't post on the Indians' 19-1 win over the Yankees on Tuesday. As surely as Tuesday comes, Wednesday will follow.
And this week, Wednesday brought pinstriped payback in the form of an error-plagued 11-3 rout.
Tuesday, the Indians tormented Yankee pitching with six home runs. Wednesday, the Yankees tormented Victor Martinez to the tune of six stolen bases in six attempts. Sixty of 66 base stealers have been successful against Martinez this year. With Martinez's weak arm and a pitching staff that just can't seem to grasp the concept of holding runners on, it's a wonder Martinez has even thrown out six.
(Incidentally, if you saw Jason Johnson give up a straight steal of home in Wednesday's Red Sox-Devil Rays game, you know the ineptitude doesn't end just because you leave the Indians.)
Martinez wasn't the only victim. Indians starter Paul Byrd was sabotaged by his own third baseman.
Aaron Boone, who has been quite good at flashing the leather recently, apparently needed a reminder that he falls somewhere behind Brooks Robinson in the pantheon of defensive third basemen.
Boone committed three errors, two in an eight-run fourth inning that knocked Byrd out of the game. The third was a slapstick bobble-and-drop of a foul pop in the seventh inning.
It was a microcosm of the Indians' entire season. Any good momentum is quickly quashed, usually by the Indians' own Mr. Magoo bumbling.
That's why, even if I was happy that the Indians pasted the Yankees Tuesday night, I wasn't about to get too high. Revenge is only 20 hours away in the middle of a series. The Yankees proved that theory true Wednesday night.

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