Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Maurice Clarett arrested again

When you look at Maurice Clarett, Ohio State's national championship seems like it happened about 100 years ago.
The heroic Clarett laying it all on the line for a college title has been replaced with a Clarett who seems almost sociopathic. We know he can't stay out of trouble. But now, it's how he's getting into trouble.
Wednesday morning is the latest and most bizarre chapter of Clarett's descent into madness. Reports say Columbus-area police had to engage Clarett in a highway car chase, blow out his tires with spike strips, and physically remove him from his truck as he resisted.
Police reportedly found out Clarett was wearing a bulletproof vest when they tried to use a stun gun on him with no effect. They subsequently used pepper spray.
Inside the car, police reportedly found four loaded guns, one of them a shotgun.
This arrest comes just before Clarett was scheduled to make a court appearance on an armed robbery charge stemming from a New Year's Day incident in which he allegedly brandished a handgun and robbed two people of their cell phones.
One can only imagine what Clarett was doing wearing a bulletproof vest and toting four loaded guns around at 3 a.m. You can't imagine it was anything good.
It already seems like a foregone conclusion that Clarett is going to be spending a long time in prison. It might be for his own good. If his behavior is any indication, Clarett might end up dead if left to his own devices.

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