Wednesday, March 08, 2006

All is forgiven

Hey, Damon Jones. Remember all those not-so-nice things I said about you? That whole puppy-who-needs-to-be-housebroken crack?
I take it all back. For now, anyway.
Now, you are a smooth criminal. Robbing the Raptors of a victory with an assassin's touch. Tonight, you coolly took the feed from LeBron James and made that ball slip right through the net when your team needed it most.
You are the Iceman. The buzzer-beater. The sole reason the Cavaliers fly out of Toronto tonight with a 98-97 win, once again 10 games over .500 at 36-26.
LeBron once again passed up a chance to tie or win the game when he found Jones wide open in front of the Toronto bench with less than two seconds on the clock. He could have driven to the hoop to tie, and maybe even draw the foul for a go-ahead free throw.
But slashing to the hoop with no regard for life or limb does not define fearless in LeBron's book. He makes that look easy. Driving into the paint, then wilfully giving the ball up to a notorious streak shooter camped out in the corner with the game on the line, now that takes grapes.
Tonight, LeBron's selfless play made him look like a clutch-situation genius. If only we could have the confidence in Jones that LeBron has.
If Jones makes more plays like he did tonight, maybe we will.

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