Friday, March 24, 2006

Redneck Harvard

Last night I had a chilling thought, when I considered Duke graduate Danny Ferry is now the general manager of the Cavaliers:
Duke never does right by Cleveland.
Think about it: Ferry as a player, Mike Junkin, Carlos Boozer, Trajan Langdon. The fact that the Cavs passed over Corey Maggette to take Langdon in the 1999 draft.
Duke never does right by Cleveland. It's an oil-and-water relationship.
North Carolina's own Redneck Harvard has added more strife for Cleveland to deal with, certainly this Clevelander.
For the second straight year, Redneck Harvard has ruined my NCAA brackets for no good reason. Last year, they were upset by Michigan State in the Sweet 16. Duke was my national champion.
This year, it was Louisiana State. Duke was one of my national finalists.
Stop picking Duke then, you say? How can I? They are routinely one of best programs in the country. Duke has a better chance of making the Final Four than missing it in a given year.
They didn't let me down in 2004, making the Final Four and getting eliminated, just as I had predicted.
But just like Loser Boozer's 15-point, 11-rebound season for the Cavs a couple years back, that was merely a taste of honey, setting me up for the fall.
Last night, Redneck Harvard came out with all the fire and intensity of the Cavs playing the Charlotte Bobcats. They lost by just eight, but I don't think it was even that close.
The final score was 62-54. How does a team with J.J. Redick manage only 54 points?
Oh, that's right. Redick plays for Duke, which means he's probably vastly overrated, which means we can look forward to the Cavs drafting him.
Ferry's just like the rest of us. He can't help but pick Duke.

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Sussman said...

To be fair, not a single NBA Hall of Fame player came out of Duke. So everyone pretty much got screwed.

The only team not screwd by Duke is probably the Pistons, who despite drafting Grant Hill, traded him for Ben Wallace.