Saturday, March 18, 2006

Brackets: Part 3

The second round is set. Here's what I did in Round 1:

Damage assessment

Record: 23-9

Hits: Duke, George Washington, LSU, West Virginia, N.C. State, Texas, Memphis, Bucknell, Pitt, Gonzaga, Alabama, UCLA, UConn, Kentucky, Washington, Illinois, North Carolina, Tennessee, Villanova, Boston College, Florida, Georgetown, Ohio State.

Misses: Syracuse (lost to Texas A&M), Iowa (lost to Northwestern State), Kansas (lost to Bradley), San Diego State (lost to Indiana), Michigan State (lost to George Mason), Seton Hall (lost to Wichita State), Wisconsin (lost to Arizona), Nevada (lost to Montana), Oklahoma (lost to Wisconsin-Milwaukee).

Damage to Sweet 16: Syracuse, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan State

Damage to Elite Eight: Michigan State

Damage to Final Four: none

Second round picks
Note: "dead game" means I have neither team advancing

Atlanta Bracket

(1) Duke over (8) George Washington
(4) LSU vs. (12) Texas A&M: dead game
(5) West Virginia vs. (14) Northwestern State: dead game
(2) Texas over (10) N.C. State

Oakland Bracket

(1) Memphis over (9) Bucknell
(5) Pitt vs. (13) Bradley: dead game
(3) Gonzaga over (6) Indiana
(2) UCLA over (10) Alabama

Washington Bracket

(1) UConn over (8) Kentucky
(4) Illinois over (5) Washington
(3) North Carolina vs. (11) George Mason: dead game
(2) Tennessee over (7) Wichita State

Minneapolis Bracket

(1) Villanova over (8) Arizona
(4) Boston College over (12) Montana
(3) Florida over (11) Wisconsin-Milwaukee
(2) Ohio State over (7) Georgetown

Up next: second-round damage assessment and Sweet 16 picks

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